Editor In Chiefs

Introducing the Karux Newspaper's editor in chiefs...
Ashley Kribs is currently a senior and this is her second year taking Journalism. She is fluent in Spanish and English! She plans to major in Journalism with minors in Spanish and Psychology. She is the Spanish translator for In Her Element, prosecution attorney for Mock Trial, and a mentor for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Her favorite genres to write about are fashion, psychology and politics!  
Claudette Codjoe is currently a senior in her third year of taking Journalism. She has always had a love for writing and reading. She is also a strong supporter of black rights and speaks out on current injustices that exist today. She plans on majoring in Journalism. She enjoys topics such as black fashion and music. 
Shannon Bickert is currently a sophomore and this is her first year taking Journalism. Shannon is a member of the Varsity Bowling team, D11 Sports, key club, and a class officer for the class of 2024. She enjoys writing about music and entertainment.